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  • Use CLICROI if you´re a marketer who wants to tap into the exploding online Hispanic market and other specialized target markets with style and speed.
  • Use CLICROI if you want people who understand the importance of establishing customer loyalty and long-term ROI to your brand, right now, in the worldwide Hispanic community.
  • Use CLICROI, as no one else offers a better-targeted, more cost-effective way to connect with your customer immediately.
  • Use CLICROI, because we understand that ROI is the bottom line.

The second tier is the front line

CLICROI will run your online advertising campaign in 100+ websites of all sizes. We will find your target market whether they are navigating large, medium or small-sized websites. This allows you to get better results by not only advertising in large websites but also smaller websites where we will find a diverse demographic. And at CLICROI, we measure the results seven days a week, providing you with instantly traceable and actionable information. Precise changes, to both messages and content, can be made as quickly as demanded by time and circumstances.

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About Señor CLICROI


The idea for CLICROI first occurred to Nelson Merchan as he observed (and in some cases participated in) the explosive growth of the Blogosphere before it was even called the “Blogosphere”, back in 2000. Recognizing the immense potential the Internet has as a means to build bridges to mutual understandings, to foster shared interests, and to grow market opportunities, Nelson put his idea on hold until the summer of 2006 when he decided to launch CLICROI.

With 14 years of experience finding access to challenging markets (like the often difficult-to-reach Hispanic segment) and widening the revenue stream, Nelson proved himself again and again as a major contributor to a healthy corporate bottom-line through creative cost-containment and revenue-generating ideas.

Leading market research and information-gathering firms such as TNS and Greenfield Online figure prominently in Merchan’s background, but he is also no stranger to pounding the pavement in the business process. His background includes being the Sales and Marketing Manager for Amway Colombia and manager of the Sales and Marketing Team at Nature’s Sunshine Products, boosting sales by 34% in just six months.

Nelson is an active member in the Hispanic community. He was not only President on the Board of Directors at the Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury, Connecticut but is also a member of The Advertisement Club, the 212 New York Interactive Advertising Club, The Danbury Chamber of Commerce and the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s (NSHMBA). He is also a SCORE Counselor, helping individuals and entrepreneurs reach their business objectives.

Nelson holds an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University and a BA from Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia, along with additional studies in Strategic Marketing at Universidad Javeriana.

CLICROI, LLC, has been certified by the State of Connecticut As a Hispanic Owned Small/Minority Business Enterprise.

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