We’ve been doing Hispanic panel recruitment for a decade and our reputation precedes us. We provide Hispanics for online communities, consumer panels and tracking studies.

To precisely meet your recruitment goals, we customize our panel recruitment efforts to ensure that we reach a wide range of panelists from a broad cross section to a gradually narrower one, reducing the search to a smaller, hard-to-find group like teenagers.

CLICROI works hard to deliver panelists that are truly Internet-representative. How do we achieve this?

  • We panel-recruit from a huge variety of websites; large, medium and small.
  • We prefer to work with market research/panel companies that have a higher “Panel Recruitment Efficiency Factor (PREF).”
  • Companies that have a less efficient process are less likely to have a panel which is representative of the internet.

A lengthy recruitment process turns off many people, and as a result many panel companies end up with very similar profiles. CLICROI’s highly efficient recruitment process sets us apart from other companies.

You can be assured that any panelist we recruit will be exclusively yours.


Why you will get more value with us?

1. Hispanic panel recruitment is our expertise.

2. Our panelists are more likely to complete surveys than those provided by other companies.

3. We believe that proper research starts with proper recruitment.


Why will you get higher quality survey respondents?

1. We do no use recruitment gimmicks.
2. We recruit from a large number of diverse websites.
3. We do not use co-registration.
4. We will never use incentive-based traffic.

We have recruited Hispanics and non-Hispanics in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Spain, France and Australia.
Groups recruited include: men, women, teens and mothers with many other demographics.

CLICROI will help you start your very own Hispanic proprietary panel. We bring the knowledge, language and experience to recruit the panel for you.

We’ll even select the best partner to manage your panel.

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