Without a strong social media presence, potential clients will not know you exist.

Four Mistakes to Avoid with Hispanic Social Media:

1 UNQUALIFIED STAFF. Your Hispanic social media campaign needs to be executed by a person or team that is fully qualified to achieve excellence for you.

2 INADEQUATE SPANISH LANGUAGE. Not every Hispanic writes proper Spanish. There are many linguistic and regional nuances that can affect your brand image on Hispanic social media. You want to stay on message by working with people who understand how to communicate effectively in Spanish.

3 LACK OF RELEVANCY AND VALUE. The person or team doing your Hispanic social media may not have a clear understanding of your company’s values, products/services and competition. This knowledge is essential for creating valuable content for the target audience.

4 DEFICIENT STRATEGIES. The person doing the social media may lack a coherent strategy. Doing social media for its own sake seldom creates a meaningful return on investment (ROI).


Why companies prefer CLICROI to manage their Hispanic social media:

  • We only do Spanish-language social media.

  • We work with a small, selective clientele.

  • Our social media campaigns are constantly monitored and active – not just from 9 to 5 on work days.

  • We go the extra mile to know your philosophy, your products/services, competitors and target market.

  • We work with you to set up a Hispanic social media strategy

  • We make sure that our efforts are relevant, valuable and increase your Hispanic social media ROI.

  • Our team consists of knowledgeable people who are constantly learning and always catching up with the fast changing world of social media.

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Our clients love our commitment and expertise reaching Hispanics, something that CLICROI has been doing since 2006. Our team excels at Hispanic Online Advertising and Spanish-language Social Media Management.

We specialize in connecting with Hispanics in their preferred language: Spanish.

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