“I have worked with Nelson via CLICROI for several years. His expertise is reaching the true Hispanic consumer and he is knowledgeable of acculturation and language points. “
Global Panel Acquisition, One of the largest market research companies
“Nelson was one of the first panel recruiters I spoke to when trying to develop a nationally representative Hispanic online panel. I lucked out in speaking to him early on as he is extremely knowledgeable in panel recruitment among U.S. Hispanics. His approach is thoughtful and he acts like a business partner more than a vendor. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to reach the U.S. Hispanic market online.”
Mario Xavier Carrasco, Partner at ThinkNow Research
“I have had the pleasure of working with CLICROI since the beginning of 2008 and in particular with Nelson Merchan, President of CLICROI.

Throughout the past several months, Nelson has been very thorough and responsive to our panel recruitment needs. His work is of highest quality and truly makes it his personal objective to deliver exactly what we need. Nelson continually makes suggestions for improvements where he sees fit and takes it upon himself to tweak existing processes to improve delivery of products and services.

I look forward to working with CLICROI in the many months and years to come.”

Cindy LemosClick, Vice President, Global Panel Operations at Offerwise
“Nelson is a delight to work with. Not only is he an expert in the industry, but he’s incredibly kind and I feel so fortunate to have met him. If you’re looking for exceptional service and for campaign performance that exceeds expectations, look no further than Nelson. He sets the bar for sure.”
Janelle Schieck, eClick , Publisher Relations
“When ever you are looking for somebody who can help you navigate through the who’s and who’s nots of the Hispanic community, Nelson is your man. He is a knowledgeable and trustworthy leader.”
Juan Carlos Arriola, Strategic Marketing Planner, Researcher & Communicator
“Nelson is a true pioneer. His entrepreneurial spirit is only matched by his professional expertise and in particular in the Hispanic Market.”
German Cardenas, Sales, Media & Marketing Specialist

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